Laboratory & Pilot Freeze Dryer

They all have precise temperature and vacuum control systems to ensure the stability and quality of the drying process.

Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Suitable for freeze-drying testing of laboratory samples and small-scale production.

Freeze dryers, commonly used in research and development, are primarily found in institutions, laboratories, and R&D facilities.

They are suitable for freeze-drying testing of laboratory samples and small-scale production. These freeze dryers can effectively dry various substances, including bacteria, viruses, plasma, antibodies, vaccines, fruits and vegetables, snake venom, flowers, and health products. They are particularly useful in the fields of pharmaceuticals, microbiology, yeast cultivation, plant extract research, and other biological research applications.

These freeze dryers are also suitable for routine sample drying and can be used with flasks to study material change processes. They are capable of drying penicillin bottled materials and can perform plug sealing operations directly under vacuum.

Freeze-dried items undergo a preservation process that allows them to be stored for an extended period of time. The freeze dryer can rehydrate these items, restoring them to their original state while maintaining their original biochemical characteristics. This is especially advantageous for heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones, and other biological products, as freeze-drying technology can effectively preserve their integrity and efficacy.

Pilot Freeze Dryer

For laboratory and household use, it is an upgraded version of the experimental freeze-drying machine.

The pilot-scale freeze dryer is a device used for simulating freeze-drying processes and small-scale production.

Compared to the laboratory-scale freeze dryer, the pilot-scale freeze dryer is an upgraded version suitable for laboratory and home use. It features a more advanced control system, allowing for more uniform and precise temperature control, making it suitable for products with higher temperature requirements.

The pilot-scale freeze dryer is widely used in industries such as biopharmaceuticals, medical, and food. In the field of biopharmaceuticals, it can be used to produce biological products such as BCG vaccine, meningococcal vaccine, measles vaccine, and influenza vaccine. In Western medicine production, it can be used to produce antibiotics and cardiovascular drugs, among others. In the medical field, the pilot-scale freeze dryer can be used for long-term preservation of various organs such as blood, arteries, bones, skin, corneas, and nerve tissues.


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