Common Freeze Dryer Problems

Q1. How to store the dried things in the freeze dryer so that the taste will not be affected by moisture?
A: Pack as soon as possible within 1 hour.

Q2. Factors Affecting the Quality of Freeze Dryer
A: 1. Vacuum degree (determined by the vacuum pump);
2. Freezing speed (determined by the compressor);
3. Whether it will leak (mechanical design);
4. Capability of capturing water (cold trap).

Q3. What is the difference between pre-freezing and non-pre-freezing?
A: Generally speaking, the freeze-drying machine with pre-freezing effect is better, and the product will be more complete. In terms of price, the price of a freeze dryer without pre-freezing will be lower.

Q4. Is pre-freezing a step before drying? What products need to be pre-frozen?
A: Pre-freezing is a step before freeze-drying. If using a freeze dryer, pre-freezing is definitely required before drying.

Q5. What equipment is included in a set of freeze dryer?
A: Refrigeration system, drying system, vacuum system, circulation system, cavity, board, control system and computer.

Q6. Is the shelf life of freeze-dried products related to the machine?
A: It has little to do with the machine, but mainly with the specific process and storage method.

Q7. The material and function of the board layer of the front chamber of the freeze dryer.
A: Laminated stainless steel for heat transfer.

Q8. What is the difference between the freeze dryer integrated machine and the separate machine?
A: The all-in-one machine is frozen and freeze-dried in one warehouse. Recommended all-in-one machine for general food industry and small output.

Q9. How many vacuum pumps are there on one freeze dryer?
A: 2.

Q10. What are the benefits of separating the freeze dryer condenser from the freeze drying chamber?
A: Prevent the moisture on the condenser from returning to the product.

Q11. The time of the freeze dryer
A: Generally, it takes 16-36 hours for one batch. The specific process depends on the process. If a small freeze dryer is used for experimentation, then put it on a large machine, the freeze drying time is the same, and the output is different.

Q12. How does the freeze dryer melt ice?
A: Pass hot water into the cold trap, and melt the ice cubes and frost attached to the cold trap by spraying + soaking.

Q13. What is the water replenishment capacity of the freeze dryer?
A: The ability of the cold trap to capture water vapor.

Q14. What is the function of stoppering and pressurizing in the freeze dryer?
A: Used for automatic capping of vials.

Q15. What is the function of the compensation plate in the freeze dryer?
A: Keep the upper and lower temperatures of the items in each layer consistent.

Q16. What is the cold trap of the freeze dryer? What is the role?
A: The cold trap is when the temperature in the front compartment of the freeze dryer starts to evaporate water vapor. A cold trap is needed in the back compartment of the machine to absorb the water vapor, otherwise it will damage the vacuum pump when it is discharged through the pipeline.

Q17. What is the temperature range of the freeze dryer?
A: 40 degrees below zero to 80 degrees above zero.

Q18. What is the difference between split type and integrated type of large freeze dryer?
A: Whether the front cabin and rear units (such as compressors, vacuum pumps, radiators, etc.) are installed on the same rack to determine whether they are separated. Generally, items above 50 square meters are split.

Q19. How does the experimental freeze dryer work?
A: After pre-freezing, through indoor room temperature or plate heating, the ultra-low temperature and near-vacuum environment in the equipment will directly sublimate the water in the test product to achieve the effect of evaporating water.

Q20. What is the function of the experimental freeze dryer cold trap?
A: The ability of the cold trap to capture water vapor.

Q21. What is the height between each pre-freezing tray?
A: About 45mm.