Long-term preservation and traceability.

Robust, reliable, retraceable lyophilization.

Ensure the stability and reliability of biological samples.

In the biological industry, freeze dryers are widely used in cell culture, preservation of biological samples and preparation of biological materials. Lyophilization can be used to freeze-dry cells, tissues and enzymes to preserve their viability and stability. In addition, freeze dryers are also used to preserve and prepare biological materials such as microbial strains, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits, and gene sequencing kits.

Advantages of freeze dryers

Maintain sample integrity and stability

The freeze dryer can remove moisture from biological samples at low temperature, maintain the integrity and stability of molecules and cells in the sample, and ensure the reliability and accuracy of the sample.

Long-term preservation and traceability

Freeze-drying technology can prolong the storage time of biological samples, provide long-term storage capabilities, while maintaining the quality and traceability of samples to meet the needs of scientific research and experiments.

Reduce sample

The freeze dryer can freeze-dry biological samples and store them, reducing the impact of multiple freezing and thawing on sample quality and ensuring the stability and reliability of samples.

Our freeze drying machine

The Process

Freeze-dry is a stable process of material dried which will put the material contained with water to freeze to solid first, then make among them of the water sublimate from solid to air condition, removing water to preserve materials
Vacuum freeze-drying method is a liquid → solid → gaseous process. In freeze-drying process, “liquid bridge” between the solution particles has been frozen into “solid bridge”. The relative position of particles has been fixed and does not exist surface tension on gas-liquid interface between the two particles. With the continuous distillation of solvent, “solid bridge” continuously decrease, but the the relative position between two particles will not longer change until the “solid bridge” completely disappear.

Freeze-dried products

Vaccines and antibodies
Vaccines & antibodies
Blood plasma
Blood plasma
Viruses and bacteria
Viruses and bacteria


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